Pastor Chris Oyakhilome: Reaching Out to the Nations with a Message of Love

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome: Reaching Out to the Nations with a Message of Love

In today’s world, it sometimes seems that technology can isolate us from what really matters. It is so important to use technology as a tool to bring value into our lives, instead of filling them up with the things that don’t matter. Chris Oykhilome is helping believers to do just this. After years of spreading Christ’s message of love around the world, he is launching a new television station that aims to reach believers and non-believers alike. As Leader of the Christ Embassy Mission, Oyakhilome truly knows how to reach out to those walking in darkness.

About Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Born on December 7, 1961, Chris Oyakhilome was the eldest child in his family. He knew what it meant to be responsible for the wellbeing of those around him. He has experienced pain and hardship in his life, which has only drawn him closer to the Lord. Chris has found shelter in the shadow of the wings of the Almighty. He believes that everyone should come into this divine grace and providence in order to experience victory in a life for Christ. God’s message of refuge and purpose is something he is very passionate about. Pastor Chris also leads Christ Embassy Mission. They aim to take the true presence of God to everyone in the world and personally display the loving character of the Holy Spirit. They want to raise up a generation of believers to come into the Kingdom of Christ and share in its divine inheritance.

Launching the New Haven Television Station

Recently the television expansion of Haven Nation has been monumentally successful in reaching even more lives around the world. This daily program is enlightening millions of people in the United States, the United Kingdom, Africa, Asia, and more! It brings the presence of God directly in to the homes of many. Multiple satellite channels have also been launched. Some of these are the LoveWorldTV in the United Kingdom, LoveWorldUS in the United States, LoveWorldPLUS in Nigeria, and LoveWorldCanada in Canada. Imagine how many more viewers will now be reached with the beautiful message of salvation through Jesus Christ! Viewers can enjoy in-depth sermons, such as the one recently given by Pastor Ifeoma Chiemeka which touched the hearts of many. Viewers can also become deeply involved in the worship part of the program. Many viewers rave about the worship music and how they feel the movement the Holy Spirit, even from their homes. Pastor Chris is always trusting the Lord to give him providence and success with the new station. He plans to follow the Holy Spirit wherever it leads him in all aspects of his life.

Chris Oyakhilome is deeply passionate about bringing the love of God into the lives of as many people as possible. He has worked to reach this goal for most of his life. His past work, and devotion to the cause of Christ, have helped him to reached millions of people worldwide. With the launch of the New Haven station, Chris is already well on his way to reaching millions more. One could easily say that the Lord’s mighty hand is at work in the lives of those running the New Haven station.

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